Data Gardening "Our lives are frittered away in details...simplify,simplify" - Thoreau

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Many of us work (or play) in fields of study that involve data, lots of data that we accumulate from many different sources. There’s the issue of which formats and apps to use to store data . We need ways of searching for specific data and presenting it in a visually clear format. Along the way, we may consider which metadata to include so that searching becomes more focused. As data ages, we need to weed the data garden. As more data is added, we might consider merging/updating it with existing data.

Does our data need to be at our finger tips like a dictionary on our desk? Or can it reside beyond arm’s reach like books on a shelf across the room? Some data may be rarely accessed; do we put it into a virtual filing cabinet along with countless other documents and folders?

In short, we need to curate our data.

Meaning: select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.

This site explores issues of data organization and focuses on applications and techniques in computer science that optimize data gathering, filing, and retrieval. The world of stock investing is used as a case study, since it involves lots of data!

- The Data Gardener